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Purchasing Guide for Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burner

  1. The final price of Garm Iran Gas-fuel Burners shall be informed while purchase inquiry.
  2. In general, while selecting burner, in addition to necessity to attention to type of burner fuel, for various reasons, it is necessary to take into consideration burner BTU about 20% exceeding that of boiler or heater combustion chamber.
  3. Take into consideration diameter of flame-capped tube of burner for entrance of the above tube to boiler and installation of burner while selecting burner.
  4. All Garm Iran Gas-fuel Burners are provided with 1 year warranty.
  5. The above burners are Model 800000 Calories onward equipped with power panel.
  6. By dividing max. heating power of gas-fuel burners on 10000, max. gas consumption of burner as per m3/hr. is obtained, but regarding to the installation of thermostat on boiler and gas cessation pulse after the water has reached to its optimum temperature ,in practice, the fuel consumption will be based on temperature conditions and season between 30% to 40% obtained figure. 
  7. In all Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burners, it is possible to install butterfly valve and can be connected to BMS system.
  8. Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burners, it is possible to change main parts based on taste and requirement of the customer in the scope of necessary standards.

The points should be considered after purchasing Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burner

  1. At the beginning of route of gas fuel entered to gas-fuel burners, it is necessary to use manual valve and gas filter.
  2. The gas-fuel in which their feeding gas pressure is 2 pounds or higher (150 mb) use of gas regulator and gas for decrease of gas pressure and or balancer (stabilizer) for adjustment of gas pressure is required
ModelMax. heat powerUsed powerCombustion MethodAir DamperFan electromotor (W)Rely typeFlame-capped diameter (mm)Min. gas pressure (m.Bar)Gas line diameter (in)Price($)
KWKcal/hrV –Ф
GNG-5064165,000220-1one-phasemanual175made in Iran11120¾"222
GNG-90140120000220-1one-phasemanual125made in Iran9020½"259
GNG-90/1192165,000220-1one-phasemanual175made in Iran11120¾"307
GNG-90/2279240,000220-1one-phasemanual240made in Iran111201"320
GNG-90/3395340,000220-1one-phasemanual370made in Iran147201"441
GNG-90/4523450,000220-1one-phasemanual450made in Iran147201"493
GNG-90/5640550,000220-1one-phasemanual550made in Iran147201½"613
GNG-90/6814700,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic750Made in Europe163201½"1291
GNG-90/8965830,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic1500Made in Europe163201½"1800
GNG-90/1013961,200,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic2200Made in Europe180201½"2061
GNG-90/1519771,700,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic3000Made in Europe180201½"2583
GNG-90/2025592,200,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic4000Made in Europe255302"3418
GNG-90/2531402,700,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic5500Made in Europe255302"3861
GNG 90/3038383,300,000380-3Double –phaseAutomatic7500Made in Europe255302"4748
GNG-90/4051174,400,000380-3Multi phaseAutomatic11000Made in Europe400503"5505
GNG-90/5061645,300,000380-3Multi phaseAutomatic15000Made in Europe390503"7159
GNG-90/6072116,200,000380-3Multi phaseAutomatic18500Made in Europe390503"8190
GNG-90/6577926,700,000380-3Multi phaseAutomatic18500Made in Europe390803"8959
GBG129110000220-1one-phasemanual125Made in Iran---------315
ModelMax. heat powerUsed powerCombustion MethodAir DamperFan electromotor (W)Rely typeFlame-capped diameter (mm)Min. gas pressure (m.Bar)Gas line diameter (in)Price($)
KWKcal/hrV –Ф
GNG 5062755000220-1one-phasemanual90Made in Iran---------222
GNG 90/7091767,800,000380-3Multi phaseHydraulic20Made in Europe---------9009
GNG 90/7591767,800,000380-3Multi phaseHydraulic22Made in Europe---------10196
GNG 90/85103528800000380-3Multi phaseHydraulic30Made in Europe---------11983

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Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burner

Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burner