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Garm Iran Dual-Fuel Burner


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Purchasing Guide for Garm Iran Dual-Fuel Burner

  1. The final price of Garm Iran dual-fuel burners shall be informed while purchase inquiry.
  2. In general, while selecting burner, in addition to necessity to attention to type of burner fuel, for various reasons, it is necessary to take into consideration burner BTU about 20% exceeding that of boiler or heater combustion chamber 
  3. Take into consideration diameter of flame-capped tube of burner for entrance of the above tube to boiler and installation of burner while selecting burner.
  4. All Garm Iran dual-fuel Burners are provided with 1-year.
  5. By dividing max. kilocalorie of heating power of gasoline-fuel burners on 8.800 liters of gas oil consumption per hour is obtained.
  6. By dividing max. heating power of gas-fuel burners on 10000, max. gas consumption of burner as per m3/hr. is obtained.
  7. In all Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burners, it is possible to install butterfly valve and can be connected to BMS system.
  8. Garm Iran Gas-Fuel Burners, it is possible to change main parts based on taste and requirement of the customer in the scope of necessary standards.

The points should be considered after purchasing Garm Iran Dual-Fuel Burner

  1. For combustion of gasoline fuel in the above burners, it is necessary to supply and install suitable gasoline nozzle on comment of Installation Engineers and install the suitable gasoline filter in the route of gasoline fuel entered to the burner.  
  2. It is also necessary to install gas manual valve and suitable gas filter while connecting gas pipe entered to the burner.
  3. The gas-fuel in which their feeding gas pressure is 2 pounds or higher (150 mb) use of gas regulator and gas for decrease of gas pressure and or balancer (stabilizer) for adjustment of gas pressure is required
ModelMax. heat powerUsed powerCombustion MethodAir DamperFan electromotor (W)Rely typeFlame-capped diameter (mm)Diameter of gas line (IN)Gasoline electromotor (KW)Price($)
KWKcal/hrV –Ф
GND300140120,000220-1One-phasemanual175made in iran111½"---503
GND301192165,000220-1One-phasemanual175made in iran111¾"---542
GND302279240,000220-1One-phasemanual240made in iran1111"---609
GND303395340,000220-1One-phasemanual370made in iran1471"---697
GND304523450,000220-1Double-phaseAutomatic450made in iran1471"---1252
GND305640550,000220-1Double-phaseAutomatic550Made in Europe1481½"---1591
GND306814700,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic750Made in Europe1631½"---2113
GND308965830,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic1500Made in Europe1631½"---2426
GND31013961,200,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic2200Made in Europe1801½"0.553105
GND31519771,700,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic3000Made in Europe1801½"0.553775
GND32025592,200,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic4000Made in Europe2552"0.554070
GND32531402,700,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic5500Made in Europe2552"0.554200
GND33038383,300,000380-3Double-phaseAutomatic7500Made in Europe2552"0.755479
GND34046504,400,000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic11000Made in Europe4003"1.57070
GND35061645,300,000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic15000Made in Europe3903"1.59580
GND36072116,200,000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic18500Made in Europe3903"1.510755
GND36577926,700,000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic18500Made in Europe390---1.511354
GND37083527100000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic20Made in Europe---------11688
ModelMax. heat powerUsed powerCombustion MethodAir DamperFan electromotor (W)Rely typeFlame-capped diameter (mm)Diameter of gas line (IN)Gasoline electromotor (KW)Price($)
KWKcal/hrV –Ф.
GND37591767800000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic22Made in Europe---------12086
GND385103528800000380-3Triple-phaseAutomatic30Made in Europe---------13195

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Garm Iran Dual-Fuel Burner

Garm Iran Dual-Fuel Burner