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Riello Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ

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Purchase Guide for Riello Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ

  • While having the newest global technologies of Riello Gas-Fuel Burnerproviding the best possible air-fuel combination, providing the highest efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and even having a beautiful appearance, Riello burners have very low contents of gases that are harmful to combustion and are eco-friendly.
  • Having the highest technology of air and fuel mixing, Riello burners produce the lowest noises.
  • Reception of Riello Company products from customers across Europe made the company gradually found several branches in various countries including England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. until 1990.
  • The final price of Riello Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ will be informed after receiving customers’ request.
  • When selecting a burner, please consider diameter of burner sheath flame for possibility of burner sheath flame tube entering the boiler.
  • All Riello burners can be transformed into modular (gradual) model on customer’s request.
  • In overall, when selecting Riello Gas-Fuel Burner, it is necessary to consider combustion curve against combustion chamber pressure for each burner for various reasons according to catalog of Riello Company.
  • Reillo Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ has 1 year of warranty.
  • Riello Gas burner RS250/M MZ has gas lines and relays with no price for them.

Gas Burner Operation

  • Gas burners are designed for combustion of natural gas. Fuel volume or flow rate in these burners is controlled by a solenoid valve after passing the gas filter. Air amount needed for combustion is supplied by a blower installed on motor shaft.
  • Inlet air flow is controlled by an air damper installed on burner frame that can be manual or automatic depending on burner capacity.
  • Gas flow passes through gas filter, mixing with combustion air and preparing for combustion.
  • If combustion air pressure comes below a certain level or gas pressure goes above a certain level, it will be senses with embedded pressure sensors and the flame will be quenched by air switches pressure on relay command.

Burner Air and Fuel Adjustment

  • Complete combustion of fuel results from accurate adjustment of air/fuel ratio. the more accurate the ratio is adjusted, the higher combustion efficiency will be and as a result, the less fuel is needed. For small burners, adjustment of needed air is done by a manual damper, while for large burners, an automatic damper supplies combustion air.
  • Given that air temperature of furnace boiler and its humidity varies during a year, air damper of large burners has to be adjusted once per season.
  • Today, modern burners are equipped with a PLC intelligent control system that automatically adjusts air/fuel ratio round-the-clock in all seasons of the year.

Given incompleteness of fuel combustion in burners and some heat lose, when selecting a burner, burner capacity is selected 20% higher than boiler capacity.

  • For every 300 meters of height from sea level, fuel combustion efficiency of burners reduces by approximately 4% due to reduction in air concentration.
  • Thermal value of natural gas is approximately 9,200 Kcal per cubic meter.

Technical information and guaranteed prices of Riello Gas-fuel Burner RS250/M MZ with original warranty is provided on DamaTajhiz website for your good feelings of an intelligent and optimized purchase.

By fuel typeGas
ModelRS250/M MZ
Maximum Heating CapacityKW2,2650
Electric ConsumptionV220
Combustion Methodone step
Air DamperAutomatic
Fan Electromotor Power (KW)5.5
Flame Envelope Diameter (mm)222
Minimum Gas Pressure (m.Bar)100
Gas Pipe Diameter (in)---

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Riello Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ

Riello Gas-Fuel Burner RS250/M MZ

ModelRLS250/M MZ
Maximum Heating CapacityKW2,460
Electric ConsumptionV220
Combustion Methodtwo steps
Air DamperAutomatic
Fan Electromotor Power (KW)5.5
Flame Envelope Diameter (mm)222
Minimum Gas Pressure (m.Bar)100
Gas Pipe Diameter (in)---