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Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP

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  1. Maximum Heating Capacity : 850,000 Kcal/Hr

  2. Type of fuel : Gas and Gasoil (Dual-Fuel)

  3. Combustion Method : two stage

  4. Fan Electromotor Power : 1.5 KW

  5. Electric Consumption : 3 phase

  6. Flame Envelope Diameter : 16.5 cm

  7. Air Damper : Automatic

Guide to Choose and Buy Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP

Iran Radiator is one of the most highly-recognized active brands in producing heating equipment. This company has begun to produce burner since the mid-1991. Desirable technical quality and significantly convenient after-sales service are some of the features of Iran Radiator products.

In order to give a good sense of optimized and intelligent buy to our dear customers, the technical information and guaranteed prices of Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP with original warranty are provided on DamaTajhiz reference and store site.

Features of Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP :

Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner

  • Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP with maximum capacity of 850,000 kilocalories which is appropriate for heating the hot water boiler, steam of the engine room, supplying warm consumption water, heating system and industrial spaces.

  • Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP has automatic damper.

  • When you want to choose a burner, in addition to paying attention to its fuel type, it is necessary that its capacity be nearly 20% greater than the capacity of the boiler or heater’s combustion chamber due to various reasons.

  • You should pay attention to the diameter pipe of the muzzle brake of the burner to allow the possibility of entering this pipe to the boiler and installing burner in the body of boiler.

  • Iran Radiator Company fully supports its products with more than 1000 authorized after-sales service centers throughout the country.

  • The amount of gasoline consumption liters per hour is calculated by dividing the maximum kilo-calorie (kcal) of the heating power of the gasoline burner by 8,500.

  • The amount of gas consumption of burner in cubic meter per hour is obtained by dividing the maximum heating power of gas burners by 9,200.

  • It is necessary to install gasoline filter or gasoline nozzles in the path of gasoline combustion to burner based on the capacity of gasoline burner.

  • Among the most important required equipment of the gas line in gas burners is the installation of gas filter with appropriate size and pressure after the quarter round valve of gas and before gas regulator as well as impact or gradual gas solenoid valve of the burner.

  • It is necessary to use balancer at the beginning of the gas line to adjust and balance the little supply gas pressure variations of gas burner power with required size and discharge of the gas of the burner when the supply gas line pressure of the burner is 2 pounds. Also, it is necessary to install gas regulator at the beginning of the gas line with the appropriate size, pressure and gas discharge, if the supply gas pressure of the burner is higher than 2 pounds (15 or 30 pounds to a maximum of 60 pounds).

Adjusting the Fuel and Air of Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner :

Adjust the fuel / air ratio precisely has resulted in the full fuel combustion. The combustion efficiency is increased by adjusting this relative much more accurately and this has resulted in the reduction of required fuel. Small burners use manual damper to adjust the required air for the combustion of burner while this setting in large burners is provided by the automatic damper. However, the air damper of large burners must be adjusted again in each season due to the variable temperature of the engine room boiler and its humidity over the year. Nowadays, modern burners are equipped with an intelligent control system (PLC) that adjusts the ratio between fuel and air during a day and all seasons automatically.

When you want to choose a burner, you should consider the burner capacity nearly 20% more than boiler capacity due to some heat losses and incomplete fuel combustion efficiency in burners.

  • The fuel combustion efficiency of different types of burners is reduced by about 4% per every 300 meters’ elevation above sea level due to the decrement in air concentration.
  • The thermal value of each cubic meter of natural gas is approximately equal to 9,200 Kcal.
  • The thermal value of each liter of gasoline is approximately equal to 8,500 Kcal.
  • The thermal value of each kilogram of gasoline is roughly equal to 10,500 Kcal.

Warranty of Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP

Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP has a one-year warranty of Iran Radiator Company.

By fuel typeDual fuel
Heating Capacity
Combustion Function
two stage
Control panelDetached
Air DamperAutomatic
Fan Motor specifications 3Ф ~ 240 W & 1Ф ~ 1.5 KW
Servomotor modelLKS 160
Control Unit
TMG 740
Gas Pipe Diameter (in)2"
Dimensions(cm)Burner length81
Flame cover length20
Burner width67.5
Flame cover diameter16.5
Burner component
Fast opening gas solenoid 2", Slow opening gas solenoid valve 2", 2 oil solenoid valve 1/8",oil solenoid valve 1/4", Air and gas pressure switch, Suntec pump model 77C or equivalent, UV cell

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Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP

Iran Radiator Dual-Fuel Burner DP1B-SP

ModelFins Efficiency for ∆T=50ºCFins Dimension (cm)Horizontal Spacing between valves (mm)Number of Each Block’s FinsMain Inner Pipe Diameter (in)Weight For Each Fin (Kg)Price($)
Termocalor 50014612658.06.19.050010-7-51"1.35---
Termocaler 200978228.86.016020010-7-51"1.08---
Dry - 60019416767.97.99.760010-7-51"1.70---
Dry - 50016814557.97.99.750010-7-51"1.50---
Dry - 35013011242.97.99.735010-7-51"1.20---
Fire - 60017014667.587.860010-7-51"1.55---
Fire - 50014712657.587.850010-7-51"1.35---
Fire - 3501109542.587.835010-7-51"1.10---
Kal - 60019416767.97.99.760010-7-51"1.70---
Kal - 50016814557.97.99.750010-7-51"1.50---
Kal - 35013011242.97.99.735010-7-51"1.20---
Dual- 5001521315727.98.350010-7-51"1.40---