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Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Tower


Dama Tajhiz Engineering Company can produce all kinds of BOTTLE TYPE and cubic open circuit...

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ModelWater Normal Flow Rate(G.P.M)Electromotor Power(HP)Dimensions(cm)Operating Weight (kg)Supply and Return Pipe's Diameter (in)PRICE($)
ModelWater Normal Flow Rate(G.P.M)Electromotor Power(HP)Dimensions(cm)Operating Weight (kg)Supply and Return Pipe's Diameter (in)PRICE($)

Purchasing Guide for Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Tower

 fiberglass cooling towers and closed circuit cooling towers for industrial uses

1- Performance of Cooling Tower

  • Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Round (annular) Cooling Towers are designed on BOTTLE TYPE and cubic cooling towers are on counter flow basis. In this case, to cool the circulating water, some water of cooling tower shall be evaporated, as a result, the remaining water of cooling tower shall be cooled due to heat absorption. A temperature higher than WET BULB environment temperature which is suctioned by tower pumps after collection at cooling tower basin.   
  • Performance of Fiberglass Cooling Tower is designed based on (Code ATC-105 of USA Cooling Towers Institute C.T.I) . Meanwhile, performance of these towers has been confirmed by USA Department of Environment (E.P.A) .
  • Generally cooling towers are calculated and designed based on Entrance water temperature of 95º F and outlet cool water temperature of 85º F and wet air temperature of environment W.B.T. 75 º F.
  • Outlet water temperature from cooling tower depends on wet bulb air temperature of each location and maximum outlet water temperature reduction from cooling tower about 3 cg. higher than wet bulb of the same location. For example, if maximum wet bulb of temperature of Tehran in summer equals to 22 cg. In the best cases, cooled water temperature of cooling tower is about 25 cg.
  • Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Towers are suction (Draft Induced) type and air flow in the tower is natural and obligatory and AXIAL fan located on the top of tower shall perform obligatory suction.
  • Shell of Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Towers are provided with 18-months warranty, 2-year warranty of internal parts  and 10 years of technical support by Dama Tajhiz Company.


2-Shell and Basin of Cooling Tower(CASTING)

  • Parts of Dama Tajhiz Towers shell are completely made of reinforced fiberglass with high consolidation resistance with UV with external coating layers. Parts of shell and basin easily may be assembled for annual services. Sub fittings are made of non-metal materials such as  PRC-FRP-ABS and or stainless or aluminum steel
  • Air inlet chamber of Fiberglass Towers produced by Dama Tajhiz Co. have the lowest resistance against air entrance and prevent from throwing water particles to outside, the chambers may be opened and closed for accessing to tower basin.

3-Electromotor (Motor) :

  • Electromotors of Dama Tajhiz Cooling Towers generally are Siemens with IP55 sensitivity at waterproof F heating class and are categorized as TE FC and TE AO in terms of cooling.
  • Noise volume of Dama Tajhiz Cooling Towers is standard, but low voice and ultra low voice is also produced which differ with other towers in terms of dimensions and prices.


  • Packing sheets of Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Towers are wavy and overlapped on honeycomb basis, packings groove steps are designed on sinus basis and it is impossible to obstruct them to maximize heat transfer by providing suitable ground for water filming, quick evaporation and more contact surface with air.
  • Upon request of the customers, the drip catcher parts are installed on the packings to prevent outlet of water drops by fan and reach water particles to less than 0.02% of circulating water of cooling tower, (this quantity is less than permissible minimum determined by USA DOE.

5-Water Distribution System:

  • Inlet water has been entered to tower by central polyethylene pipe and then transferred to Aluminum Sprinkler Head and then sprinkled on packings by distribution arms equipped with outlets with suitable diameter and angel steadily and radially by pressure on tower pumps.
  • In order to prevent from water waste, consider interval between outlet of arms up to packings
  • In cubic cooling towers, the inlet water is entered water sprinkling nozzles by central tube/s made of polyethylene or PVC  and sprinkled on tower packings (Selection of nozzles shall be different regarding region climate conditions and on the customers’ request).     6- Supports:

6-Supports of Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Towers Model DT-175 are made of fiberglass and have BTU exceeding hot galvanization. The towers easily tolerate wings up to speed of 15 Km./hr. and 1.5 kpa pressure. Models DT 50 and newer models are liable to O.S.H.R obligatory standard and hot galvanized ladders are used to access to mechanical components and electricity on the tower.


  • On order of customer, by installation of inverter at power panel of cooling tower, fan and engine rotation can be changed for exact control of outlet water temperature of cooling tower (on the order, inverter should be separately incorporated for power panel tower.
  • Command of inverter frequency change performs by a sensor determined in a temperature interval. Performance of inverters is in the form of frequency changes, as a result, electromotor power will remain fixed. In the cases where outlet water temperature is not so sensitive, to control outlet water temperature thermostat shall be used in the form of connection and disconnection of engine.

8- Final Remarks:
* Dama Tajhiz Cooling Towers up to capacity of TR 150 can be assembled both at project site and factory site. But, upper BTUs are assembled at project site due to transport problems and machine size.
* If it is impossible to integratedly transport cooling tower up to project site or to roof, you are kindly requested to order cooling tower on demontage basis.
* The purchaser is responsible for paying freights, if reassembling of cooling tower at installation site is required.

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Dama Tajhiz Fiberglass Cooling Tower

1- After purchasing cooling tower, at first, follow up type and dimensions of required foundation for preparing at location and before sending tower , via Sale Experts of Dama Tajhiz Co.
2-Regarding permanent evaporation of water of cooling towers, it is necessary to use softener in circulating water circuit of subcooling systems to prevent from water salts sedimentation in nozzles, packings, tower basin and tubes or heat transfer surfaces of condenser of subcooling system which leads to general efficiency reduction of system
3-It is necessary to install heating elements with suitable capacity in cooling tower basin in towers used for cooling for industrial consumptions during four seasons to prevent from water freezing in tower in the winters
4- Meanwhile, do not forget water discharging and washing of cooling tower basin salts at the end of summer

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