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Saba Afarin Wall-Mounted Hot Water Unit Heater


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Purchasing Guide for Saba Afarin Wall-Mounted Hot Water Unit Heater

  1. Heat generation by hot water unit heaters under the conditions inlet water temperature may reach 90° (194 F°) while air intake temperature readouts 60 F°.    
  2. Shell of Saba Farin Wall-mounted Hot Water Unit Heater is made of steel, Type ST14 and after passing degreasing, phosphating and rinsing automatic line are dried at dryer furnace and are coated with electrostatic powder coating.
  3. Saba Farin Wall-mounted Hot Water Unit Heaters are equipped with coppery coil with diameter of 8.5 inches and wall thickness of 635.0 mm. and fin plate and 12-fin condensation per inch.
  4. Saba Farin wall-mounted hot water unit heaters coil passed hydraulic test in the range of 10 bar, as a result, all models furnished with two stage coil but model 200 holds three stage one. 
  5. Electromotor used in the above Unit Heaters, is mono-phase and type of Motogen and triple-phase and anti-explosion electromotors are used (at locations where explosive gases may exist) on order.
  6. Blades of fan used in production of Saba Farin Wall-mounted Hot Water Unit Heaters are made of aluminum with thickness of 1.5 mm. and are designed in such a way that are completely balanced statistically and dynamically and reduce remarkably electricity consumption.
  7. Saba Farin Wall-mounted Hot Water Unit Heaters are equipped with dampers adjustable with special steel profile and can be adjusted in such a way that hot air is conducted to required location.
  8. Background: Saba Farin Unit Heaters are produced in 12 types of hot waters and steams by enjoying 20-year experiences, inspiring production standards and enjoying skilled and experienced engineers and experts' workmanship and regarding its versatile design, are considered as the best devices in the country in terms of beauties and heating efficacy.
  9. Saba Farin Wall-mounted Hot Water Unit Heaters are provided with 2-years of warranty of coil replacement.

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Saba Afarin Wall-Mounted Hot Water Unit Heater

  1. In hot water unit heaters, the hot water inlet pipe is connected to lower pipe of unit heater.
  2. It is necessary to install automatic deaerating valve in the route of return water for hot water unit heaters   
  3. Emplacement for deaerating valve in hot water unit heaters is located on water outlet pipe and outside the system.
  4. By dividing thermal capacity of unit heater (BTU) on 10000, the hot water flow rate (GPM) of system for calculating hot water branch diameter of unit heater is achieved.     
  5. Generally, the base for calculation of pipe diameter and method of unit heaters piping is determined based on method of their arrangement and installation of them with respect to hot water boiler of powerhouse. 
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Saba Afarin Wall-Mounted Hot Water Unit Heater

Saba Afarin Wall-Mounted Hot Water Unit Heater

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