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DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower DTC-CO 15

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DamaTajhiz DamaTajhiz


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24 months DamaTajhiz golden warranty + 10 years technical support
Warranty terms : 36 months body warranty + 24 months internal parts warranty

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  1. Dimensions (H , L , W) : 220*100*100 cm

  2. Equipped with Siemens electromotor (Europe made) with the possibility of installing invertor for reducing electricity consumption and parts wear/motor power: 1.5 HP

  3. Normal mass flow of water: 35 GPM

  4. Equipped with deep galvanized structure and metallic parts

  5. Fiberglass-made casing, basin and air intake, made of the best resin type with the maximum thickness coated by two layers of anti-UV gelcoat coating

  6. Equipped with antiscalant deck spray nozzles and high pressure injection pipes

Purchase guide for DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower DTC-CO 15

PerformanceDAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower

  • DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 is designed to work with counter flow air system.

  • In this design in order to cool the circulating water, some of the water in cooling tower is evaporated and because evaporation is endothermic, remaining water in the tower gets cool (the maximum temperature which the circulating water can reach is the ambient's wet bulb temperature) and is sucked by water circulating pumps after gathering in cooling tower basin.
  • Performance of fiberglass cooling towers is designed in accordance with ATC-105 code of C.T.I. additionally, performance of these towers is approved by E.P.A.
  • Generally, calculation and designing of cooling towers is based on following standard parameters: temperature of inlet water: 95oF, temperature of outlet cool water: 85oF, and W.B.T: 75oF.
  • Outlet water temperature depends on W.B.T and maximum temperature reduction in outlet water of cooling tower is about 3ooC more than W.B.T. For example if W.B.T of Tehran in summer is 22oC, in the best condition temperature of cooled water in cooling tower is about 25oC.
  • DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 is of draft induced type. In these cooling towers air circulation in the tower takes place naturally or could be as forced type. Induction is done by an axial fan placed on top of the tower.

  • DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 has 3 years body warranty, 2 years internal parts warranty and 15 years technical support.

DAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower


  • Body parts of DamaTajhiz cooling towers are made of reinforced fiberglass and have high strength. They have two special covers and are UV-resistant. Casing parts can be assembled easily for yearly services.

  • All attachments are of non-metallic materials such as PRC-FRP-ABS or stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Air inlet vents in DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 is made such that they have the least resistance against air entering and prevents water loss. These vents can be opened and closed to provide access to basin of cooling tower.

ElectromotorDAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower

  • Electromotor of DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 is generally of SIEMENS brand and have IP55 sensitivity in water-resistant thermal class of F.

  • Based on their cooling method they are categorized in TE AO and TE FC classes.
  • DamaTajhiz cooling towers have standard noise but they are also produced in low noise and super low noise models with different dimensions and prices than other cooling towers.

PackingsDAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower

  • Layers of Sheets in packings of DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower model DTC-CO 15 is waved and are put on each other as honeycomb.
    Steps have sinusoidal design and their obstruction is impossible so they can maximize heat transfer by providing an appropriate bed for water film formation and fast evaporation and larger interface with air.
  • By customer request, drop catcher parts are installed on packings to prevent transpiration of water drops by fan; installing these parts reduces water drop jet to less than 0.02 percent of circulating water in cooling tower (this is less than amount allowed by EPA).

Water distribution system

  • In cubic cooling towers, inlet water enters tower through polyethylene central pipe and then is transferred to aluminum sprinkler head and then is sprayed evenly and radially on packings by distribution arms that have orifices with appropriate diameter and angle.
  • to prevent water waste , the least distance is considered between arm's exit place and packings.


  • Supports of DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling towers up to model DT-175 are of fiberglass and in higher capacities hot dip galvanized supports are used. Cooling towers of model DT50 and higher are subject to O.S.H.R as mandatory standard and hot dip galvanized ladders are used to access to mechanical and electrical parts on cooling tower.

Inverter systemDAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower

  • In case of customer request, speed of fan and motor (RPM) can be changed by installing inverter system on electrical panel of cooling tower to provide exact control of outlet water (if inverter system is ordered a separate electrical board should be provided for tower).

  • Order of inverter frequency change is applied by a sensor in a determined temperature range. Performance of inverters is as frequency changes and therefore electromotor power remains constant.

  • When temperature of outlet water is not so important, thermostat is used to control water temperature by motor on and off.

Final words

  • If diameter of your fiberglass cooling tower is more than 250cm, it is recommended to transport it to project site as separated parts to prevent any damage to it. It is obvious that final assembly of these towers on project site has separate expense that should be paid by customer.
  • If it is not possible to transport integrated cooling tower to project site or installment site, please order cooling tower as DEMONTAGE on order time.
  • All transport and montage expenses (if needed) should be paid by customer.

    DAMATAJHIZ fiberglass cubic cooling tower

List of customers and recent projects of DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower :

Ductile pipe manufacturing company : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 400 TON

Hamoun nayzeh(HANYCO) Factory : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacities : 100,200,250,400 TON

Karmania - Bam Automotive : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 80 TON

Governor of Zahedan
: DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 60 TON

"Parmida" project : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 170 TON

Refractory materials
production CompanyDamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 120 TON

Pars Polymer Khavaran Company : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 60 TON

Niyavaran"Anushiravan" residential project : DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower - capacity : 150 TON

damatajhiz cooling tower
By typeCubic
By capacity15
ModelDTC-CO 15
cooling capacity (TR)15
water mass flowrate (GPM)35
electromotor power(inch)HP1/5
fan diameter (cm)60
fan airation (CFM)3100
noise level dB(A)54
weight (kg)110
connection sizes (inch)inlet1 1/2
outlet1 1/2
Overflow size(inch)1
Discharge size(inch)1
Floating size(inch)3/4

Cooling Tower

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Totally cubic cooling towers are much better
Especially the Damatajhiz cooling towers are excellent
And Damatajhiz has a golden warranty for his towers
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    DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower DTC-CO 15

    DamaTajhiz fiberglass cubic cooling tower DTC-CO 15

    Nominal Capacity (TR)160
    Actual Capacity (TR)129.5
    Number of Compressors2
    Cold Water Mass Flow Rate(GPM)311
    Condenser Water Mass Flow Rate (GPM)380
    Electrical SpecificationsKW120