New Hayward Jacuzzi Electrical Heaters Expand

Hayward Jacuzzi Electrical Heaters


  1. Hayward Jacuzzi Electrical Heaters are suitable alternate for heating powerhouse system including boiler, pump, expansion tank, thermostat and heat exchanger.

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Purchasing Guide for Hayward Jacuzzi Electrical Heaters

  1. You are recommended to use electrical heaters to heat private pools and or public and private Jacuzzi
  2. Hayward Electrical Heaters are supplied with two 5.5 and 11 KW. Power & with voltage 230.
  3. Electrical heaters are equipped with thermostat.
  4. Dimensions of electrical heaters are very small and they may be very simply installed and managed.
  5. Electrical heaters of the Jacuzzi are selected based on Jacuzzi water capacity (volume).
  6. It is necessary to use softener and sediment Retention to prevent the heaters efficiency loss .
  7. Hayward Jacuzzi Electrical Heaters are provided with 1-year warranty and 5 years of after-sale services.
  8. Hayward Heaters are made in USA.
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ModelCapacity(KW)Voltage(V)Pipe Size(Inch)Price($)