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Have you ever encountered problems such as lack of sufficient cooling and heating power to different buildings, lack of familiarity with the technical features and warranty of the products, inaccurate price of the equipment etc.? Most people often face such experiences when purchasing heat & cooling Eq. for residence buildings, offices and even for small and large-scale construction projects. DamaTajhiz facilitates the precise and clever selection of the brand, capacity, technical specifications, model, and affordable prices for all types of HVAC systems such as  cooling , heating & pool ,sauna ,jacuzzi equipment.

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Since 2003, DamaTajhiz Online Store has been active in the supply of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment by management of Mr. Majid Zavvarian to meet needs of construction projects and consumers in the Middle East.

Investigating new methods of e-commerce and looking ahead to the future, DamaTajhiz Online Store designed its way of success as the first startup for selling HVAC equipment in Iran and the Middle East in 2004 by launching the most comprehensive specialized shopping website for all types of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi equipment.

damatajhiz company

Therefore, Since 2003 , Damatajhiz online store has been the most popular and specialized reference for selling various types of mechanical installation (HVAC) with over 15,000 daily and 5,000,000 yearly visitors , according to data on global website of "Alexa.com" and based on "google analytics data" as well as being one of the first Iranian Websites which has achieved the symbol of electronic trust

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We have always sought to accompany you in the selection and purchase of general and specialized HVAC equipment to make a good sense of optimum and intelligent purchase from DamaTajhiz International Store by creating and developing various sectors namely the agency and sale of reputable brands of HVAC equipment and related products, manufacturing HVAC customized products for customers, provision of the most comprehensive technical information and specifications, guaranteed prices, fast delivery and corporate warranty of products.

damatajhiz company
damatajhiz company

Given the variety of HVAC products and offered brands in DamaTajhiz store as well as its ability to offer the highest discounts and original and corporate warranties of all products, you can supply the equipment of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), pool, sauna and spa bath with various brands at the fastest time from DamaTajhiz store as the Middle Eastern online store and free yourself from troubles of calling different suppliers and tracking products.

All products with DamaTajhiz Brand are professionally manufactured for honorable customers and they are available with golden warranties of DamaTajhiz at very reasonable prices for employers, factories and projects.

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Which countries can register orders on en.damatajhiz.com?

DamaTajhiz has provided the opportunity to sell and ship specialized HVAC equipment for applicants in the following countries as the first and the most popular online store for selling HVAC equipment (Heating , Ventilation , Cooling , Air conditioning) in the Middle East :

Afghanistan – Tajikistan - Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Azerbaijan – Armenia – Georgia – Turkey – Iraq – Syria – Jordan – Kuwait – Emirates – Qatar – Oman.

A) Ordering

If you wish to receive HVAC equipment advertised on the Dama Tajhiz website in one of the above-mentioned countries, please go through the following steps to make a safe purchase from this well-known company:

  1. Send a message containing the required capacity, model, and quantity (ordering through the purchase, contact page, or email).
  2. Prepare and stipulate the terms and provisions in writing via the purchase agreement or invoice either through visiting Dama Tajhiz or online upon the receipt of a reply form from Dama Tajhiz sales experts indicating specifications, warranty, date and type of shipment, to enter into an agreed contract with Dama Tajhiz.
  3. Once the advance payment specified in the purchase agreement or invoice is paid (through a bank or exchange office), Dama Tajhiz shall perform the preparation, quality control, standard packaging, etc., and provide the account number when the purchase is finalized.
  4. Once the preparation is complete, please arrange for your representative (in person or through the Internet) to be present at the purchase site for final account settlement and the freight shipment to the countries in question.

B) Shipment Date and Price

There are numerous safe ways for shipping freight from origin to destination, each with their certain prices and dates.

Therefore, prices vary by freight volume, weight, quantity, and dimensions, and distance between origin and destination and shipping method. Before choosing a shipping method, it is advisable to contact our sales experts to find different shipping methods available in terms of dimensions and destination. In this way, you will be able to pick the best, fastest, and most economical shipping method.

Typically, the buyer is provided with the shipping costs, based on the freight weight, quantity, and dimensions, and shipping method, prior to placing an order. (you will be informed on the shipping stages by receiving the Freight Tracking Code.)

Prior to placing an order, the buyer shall be provided with the delivery schedule, encompassing the manufacturing, preparing, packaging, and shipping stages (in accordance with the buyer’s preferences over the quantity and type of shipment).

For more information, please contact Eng. Yazdi (Mr.) at +98-21-860-718-09 or Eng. Hosseini (Ms.) at +98-21-860-718-26 at Dama Tajhiz.

Office address:

No. 463 , Talebian Alley, Taleghani St. , TEHRAN, IRAN


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