Smart Choice of a Ducted Split System

Commonly referred to as the ducted split system by connoisseurs, the air conditioning system is among the most-common cooling and heating systems for apartments. The following must be considered when selecting a ducted split system :

  • Choosing the correct capacity, manufacturer, and location for the ducted split system;

  • Deciding on whether to go with an inverter ducted split system (basically, inverter models reduce power consumption and prevent electrical shocks by manipulating the compressor speed);

  • The correct implementation of the ducts and the copper tubes to ensure maximal efficiency;

  • To determine the required capacity, make sure to first deliver by fax or email the latest plans of the building and the floors to our specialists at DamaTajhiz for consultation on heating and cooling equipment.

  • ducted splitBefore making your choice and placing an order for a ducted split system, be sure to take into account whether the system runs on single- or three-phase power, as well as the required amp (A) rating—according to the specifications of the apartment’s electric meter—in addition to the dimensions of the air handling unit.

  • In general, the cost of implementing supply and return air ducts and copper tubes between the indoor ducts and the outdoor unit in apartments can vary depending on the distance between the two components. But, as a rule of thumb, the costs can be estimated at 20–30% of the price of the ducted split system.

  • Given the significance of balancing the aeration fan, as regards the performance of the ducted split system, and its direct impact on the service life of the ball bearing motor, make sure to have the system perfectly levelled and balanced to maintain the dynamic balance of the fan.

  • Considering that ducted split systems often use the return air from the space, it is necessary that the planned location for the ducts—whether on top of the drop ceiling or some other place—is divided from living and public spaces in the building, such as corridors, by separating walls or tiles, and that the system is installed exposed only to the return air from the air-conditioned room.

  • When laying the ducts in a ducted split system, the return air vents must be installed at the farthest possible distance from the supply air vents.

  • For knowing the indoor temperature is of great importance to the thermostat for controlling the operation of the, the location of the thermostat is critical. Therefore, when locating the thermostat, make sure to install it at 140 cm from the floor and never place it exposed to direct sunlight, supply air from the ducted split system.

  • When implementing copper tubes at a height, place an oil trap in 6 m intervals.