How to pick the best cooling tower?

‌Water evaporative‌ cooling towers are responsible for dissipating the heat generated in a cycle and reduce the temperature of the working to approximately the wet-bulb temperature of the installation‌ location.

In other‌ words, cooling ‌towers are used for cooling the water used as the working fluid air ‌conditioning systems, refineries‌, power ‌plants, and ‌so on.

cooling tower

Cooling towers are classified from different aspects:

Open circuit cooling towers: The common cooling tower used in air conditioning systems, in which the heat transfer fluid is cooled by entering the tower and being sprayed onto the packings (in order to increase the contact with the air flow inside the tower). Subsequently, the sprayed water is collected in the tank below the tower, after which it is pumped to the heat exchanger in the air conditioner again.

Closed circuit cooling towers: Cooling towers can be assessed from the following perspectives:

  • Body material (galvanized- fiberglass- concrete)

  • Air draft (natural- induced)

  • Air and water flow contact (cross flow and opposite flow)

  • Water distribution system (nozzle- water basin- sprinkler arms)

  • Structure (cylindrical- cubic)

  • Function (open circuit and closed-circuit cooling towers)

Hints on picking cooling towers:

  • Since the cooling towers are exposed to direct sunlight in open environments, a suitable neopentyl glycol (NPG) gelcoat is required to protect the tower structure against ultraviolet sunlight.

  • Since all interior parts of the cooling tower are always exposed to water, to avoid the rusting and corrosion of metal parts, all the main parts, such as structure and sub-components (screws, nuts etc.), should be made from stainless steel or galvanized iron.

  • Appropriate designs and materials should be used for water cooling surfaces (packings) inside the cooling tower. Packings are usually made of medical-grade antibacterial PVC or PP sheets with a thickness of 400 microns.

  • In order to increase the lifespan of the electric motor and to reduce the fan noise during the start up of the cooling towers, the static and dynamic balance of the tower must be ensured.

  • When ordering heavy duty cooling towers, it is better to use a power transmission system equipped with a gearbox.

  • Installation of the ladder is required for easy access to various parts of the tower, including the electric motor, as well as easy maintenance at high capacities.