Growing concerns over pollutant and harmful particulates have led many in large cities to decide to use an air purifier, but the multitude of available makes, models, and technologies and the wide range of price tags may confuse them and make choosing the right air purifier difficult.

Now, let us review how to pick an air purifier and the features of a reliable device and its actual effectiveness in cleaning the air in the household or the office.

The question is what to consider when deciding on an air purifier?

Air Purifier Tips for Buyers

1)The size of the space

One must note that what matters is not the size of the entire house or apartment, but that particular room you plan to use the device for.

2)Do you have children or a new-born?

If you have an infant and are concerned about viruses and bacteria in the environment, it is recommended that you use an air purifier to protect the health of your child by disinfecting the air.

3)Do larger air purifiers offer more power?Air Purifier

This may be the question of many buyers of air purifiers. The fact is, besides the larger size and more complete filtration levels, the size and the filtration cross-section are also very effective on the coverage and the quality of the output air.

4)After selecting the technology, the most important thing to consider is the number and surface area of air purifier filters.

The larger the surface area of the air purifier filter and the number of filtration levels (that often include pre-filtration, HEPA filtering, activated carbon filtration, electrostatic filtration, permanent nano-plasma filtration, UV lamp filtration, and air ionizer filtration), the more capable the device in removing pollution, including particulates, viruses, and fungi, from the air and greater the coverage.

5)Filter Replacement Indicator

One feature of newer air purifiers is the filter replacement sensor and indicator that helps the user change the filter when necessary. Refusing to replace the filters reverses the function of the air purifier as it does more harm than good.

6)The real coverage of the device

Considering that the claimed coverage of the device is at maximum fan speed, it is best to pick an air purifier than can support your space at medium speed to create less noise and bring you more comfort. Therefore, it is best to pick an air purifier with two times the capacity required for your room.