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Vaillant Wall-Mounted Package


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Purchasing Guide for Vaillant Wall-Mounted Package

  1. Vaillant gas-fuel wall-mounted package, Model VUW EXP 242 is a double exchanger equipped with fan type, and Models VUW EXP 240 and VUW EXP 280 are double exchanger unequipped with fan type.      
  2. In case your package chimney is executed in the form of L letter (it means part of horizontal chimney path has been executed) it is necessary to use package equipped with fan, for easy passage of smoke and combustion gases.
  3. Using package equipped with fan with (coaxial) double-wall chimney which is more confirmed, provides the ground for supplying air required for combustion of package by the interior wall of chimney via outside of apartment and not reducing oxygen qty. and humidity of air inside of apartment   
  4. Double-exchanger packages are used in the conditions either used water has much hardness (salt) or area of apartment exceeds 120 Sqm.
  5. For approximate calculation of required package capacity, we should multiply area of residential unit by 150 kilocalories and area of administrative units by 100 kilocalories.
  6. All Vaillant gas-fuel wall-mounted packages are made in Germany and are provided with 24-months of warranty.
  7. Vaillant gas-fuel wall-mounted packages are installed free of charge  (The purchaser is responsible for paying devices, valves and installation connections expenses )
  8. According to safety and technology standards of Gas Co. a separate chimney directly up to roof of construction should be executed for each Vaillant gas-fuel wall-mounted heating package. Use of joint chimney is not permissible.   
  9. According to Topic 17 of National Construction Code (2011) the min. area confirmed for installation of package at apartment (office or residential) is 64 Sqm., otherwise incorporation of fresh air supply valve for suitable combustion at package installation site is obligatory.

The points should be considered after purchasing Vaillant Wall-Mounted Package

  1. Considering head (pressure) of the small circulator pump incorporated in all kinds of wall-mounted packages, generally, the maximum length of piping up to wall-mounted package up to latest location of radiator should not exceed 35 M. 

ModelMax. Heat PowerHot water supply lit/min ˚T=30C∆Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Max. Power usage (W)Diameter of chimney (mm)Net Weight KgPrice($)
VUW EXP 240210002411.57041309713030---
VUW EXP 242210002411.5704130145100×6032---
VUW EXP 280240002813.4804433.89713033---
VUW EXP 282240002813.4804433.89713037---

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Vaillant Wall-Mounted Package

Vaillant Wall-Mounted Package

ModelSize (w)Discharge (Lit/hr)Price($)
Elcla Mini½"105023
Elcla Mini¾"105023