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Purchasing Guide for Ariston Wall-mounted Package

  1. Ariston double exchanger gas-fuel wall-mounted chiller packages equipped with fan, Model CLAS 28 FF are suitable for infrastructure of 250 Sqm. and Models CLAS B 30OFF suitable for 320 Sqm. and Model MATIS 24 FF suitable for 150 Sqm.
  2. Ariston double exchanger gas-fuel wall-mounted chiller packages Model labeled with FF is equipped with fan. It means the more promotion of design and safety technology in their operation. 
  3. All the above Ariston double exchanger gas-fuel wall-mounted chiller packages are equipped with electronic troubleshooter system and anti-freezing system (capability of installation in unroofed space).
  4. Ariston packages, Model CLAS 28 FF and Model MATIS 24 FF causes optimal energy consumption due to equipping with 
  5. Ariston gas-fuel wall-mounted package, Model CLAS B30FF is equipped with 40-liter hot water reserve tank and is suitable for the units having low temperature system such as under floor heat and or equipped with two or three bathrooms. 
  6. Mobilization of the above packages with concentric smoke output and two fresh water supply basin on both sides causes more flexibility of this product for execution of all kinds of installed types. 
  7. In case your package chimney is executed in the form of L letter (it means part of horizontal chimney path has been executed)) and or in case of installation of package at balcony or other unroofed space, it is necessary to use package equipped with fan, for easy passage of smoke and combustion gases.   
  8. Using package equipped with fan with (coaxial) double-wall chimney which is more confirmed, provides the ground for supplying air required for combustion of package by the interior wall of chimney via outside of apartment and not reducing oxygen qty. and humidity of air inside of apartment   
  9. Double-exchanger packages are used in the conditions either used water has much hardness (salt) or area of apartment exceeds 120 Sqm.
  10. Ariston gas-fuel wall-mounted package equipped with fan and unequipped with fan is provided with years of warranty.. 
  11. The purchaser is responsible for paying devices, valves and installations
  12. In case in Ariston wall-mounted package, water pressure entered to the system reduces up to 0.2 bar, heating system shall continue its operation.  
  13. According to Topic 17 of National Construction Code (2011) the min. area confirmed for installation of package at apartment (office or residential) is 64 Sqm., otherwise incorporation of fresh air valve for suitable combustion at package installation site is obligatory.
  14. Other specifications of Ariston Wall-mounted packages
  • Model MATIS 24 FF
    Ariston package, Matis Model, due to beautiful design and safe performance, can be used in all standard apartments up to area of 150 Sqm.   
  • Model Clas 28 FF
    Ariston package, Clas Model, due to beautiful design and fully smart performance, is cost-effective and has particular status among the customers. This package can be used in all standard apartments up to area of 250 Sqm. due to being equipped with fan and high efficiency.
    Its LCD shall display information and effects of different parts of machine on error code basis.  
  • Model GENUS
    Ariston wall-mounted package like Genus in addition to having beautiful design, is equipped with multipurpose (LCD). This package European Top Plan and the most suitable types of package for under floor heat (UFH), which can be planned by the consumer. This package can be used in all standard apartments up to area of 320 Sqm.       
  • Model CLAS B
    Ariston package, Clas B Model, is one of the most popular wall-mounted package equipped with fan in the world which produces consumable water up to 2.25 l./min. ( 3 simultaneous showers) and meet heat requirements of standard apartments up to area of 320 Sqm. This package is equipped with two consumable hot water tanks made of stainless steel with 40-liter capacity.            

The points should be considered after purchasing Ariston Wall-mounted Package

  1. After purchasing, for use of installation services, free of charge and warranty of Ariston wall-mounted package, contact permissible call Nos. inserted on the carton of package (Please do not open carton before attendance of the permissible agent of  after-sale-services). 
  2. Considering head (pressure) of the small circulator pump incorporated in all kinds of wall-mounted packages, generally, the maximum length of piping up to wall-mounted package up to latest location of radiator should not exceed 35 M.  
  3. Generally, system of protection against freezing of heating packages is active only when, firstly, the package is connected to the power, secondly, water pressure in the water is at least one atmosphere, thirdly, package should be connected to urban gas, but in the best options, package should be installed in the locations in which it is impossible to freeze water in the winter.
ModelMax. Heat PowerMachine dimensions (cm)Hot water supply lit/min ˚T=30C∆Maximum power consumption (W)
Diameter of chimney (cm)Net Weight (Kg)Gas Pipe Diameter
MATIS 24 FF25.621800774031.59.41251030"3/4---
CLAS 28 FF29.825800774031.511.71381031"3/4---
GENUS 36 FF29.821800704431.513.71521332"3/4---
CLAS B 30FF3026000906046181601055"3/4---
GeniaMaxi 30BFFI33.32860095+1559.54721.81501059"3/4---

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Ariston Wall-mounted Package

Ariston Wall-mounted Package

ModelSize (w)Discharge (Lit/hr)Price($)
Elcla Mini½"105023
Elcla Mini¾"105023