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Purchasing Guide for Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Package

  1. Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Packages holding index B and are made of mono-exchanger packages and models holding indices E, M or L are made of double- exchanger packages.
  2. Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Packages are made of mono-exchange and double-exchanger. The exchanger incorporated (main double exchanger) in Iran Radiator mono-exchanger and bithermic wall-mounted packages, simultaneously is responsible for supply of consumable hot water and heating of construction.
  3. Iran Radiator double-exchanger or monothermic packages are used under the conditions in which consumed water contains hardness (salts) and or apartment's area   exceeds 120 M. Iran Radiator double-exchanger packages, the main exchanger shall provide the environment with heating and plate exchanger is used for supplying hot water.
  4. Iran Radiator wall-mounted packages holding Index FF are equipped with fan and the  models holding index CF are not equipped with fan.
  5. Use of fan run package with double-Wall-mounted chimney (Coaxial) which is more confirmed, provides the ground for supplying airflow required for ignition of package by inner wall of chimney from outside an apartment and oxygen and wetness of inside an apartment is not reduced.
  6. In case the package has been installed at open space and or package chimney has been constructed in the form of L (L-shaped) (it means part of chimney path has been executed horizontally, use of fan run package for easy passage of smoke and ignition gases is obligatory.
  7. For approximate calculation of BTU of Butane package required for residential apartments, multiply area of apartment by 150 (kilocalories) and area  of office buildings by 100 (kilocalories). (For example, you are recommended to use 21000-kilocalorie package for residential apartment with an area of 140 Sqm.).
  8. Several advantages of use of these packages include: high heating efficiency, low and voiceless performance, full safety, small dimensions of package and occupation of less space, protection system against water insufficiency, fully digital control system, protection system against chimney obstruction, supply of much and permanent hot water, easy in installation, start-up, service and maintenance.
  9. Wall-mounted Heating Packages (LG) is equipped with furnished with antiice protection. This system is only active when, firstly, package is turn on, secondly, water pressure in the package occurs at least for one time, thirdly, package gas is connected; however, the best option is non-installation of package in the locations where it is impossible to freeze water in the winter.
  10. Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Packages, Models OM24FF and OE 28FF with very low volume and installation in various points, easy in repair and maintenance, lower price and simplicity of components are designed to be used at places only requires heating. Other properties of the above models are as follows:
  • High efficiency and reduction of energy consumption
  • Equipped with smart electronic board and capability of automatic troubleshooting
  • Capability of installation of hot water resource by using 3-way valve
  • Increaseability of power by adding package Qty. if required
  • Capability of Replacement with central powerhouse system

According to Topic 17 of National Construction Code (2011) min. area   confirmable for installation of package at (office or residential) apartment is 64 Sqm., otherwise incorporation of fresh air valve for suitable ignition of package installation location is obligatory. Electricity required for all models of wall-mounted Butane packages are mono-phase and 220 V. (50 Hz-220v-1 PH). Wall-mounted gaseous Butane Packages are installed by after-sale-services network of Butane Co. free of charge (The purchaser should pay devices, valves and fittings of installation charges). Gas Fuel Wall-mounted Butane Heating Packages are provided with 24-month warranty and after-sale-services.

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Package

  1. After purchasing, for use of free of charge installation services, and warranty of split, contact permissible call Nos. inserted on the carton of package (Please do not open carton before attendance of the authorized after-sale-services agent)
  2. According to safety and technical standards of Gas Co., a separate chimney should be directly executed up to roof of building for each Iran Radiator Gas-fuel Wall-mounted heating package. Using joint chimney is not permissible.
  3. Generally anti-freezing system in heating packages, is active only when, firstly, package is plugged, secondly, water pressure inside package at least is an atmosphere, thirdly, package is connected to town gas, but however the best options is non installation of package in the locations where it is impossible to freeze water in the winter
  4. Having more than 1000 permissible after-sale-services centers across the country, Iran Radiator Company fully supports its products.
  5. Regarding head (pressure) of small circulator pump incorporated in all kinds of wall-mounted chiller packages, generally maximum length of piping from wall-mounted package to the latest location of chiller radiator should not be more than 35 m.
ModelMaximum Heating CapacityDimensions (cm)Hot Water Supply in lit/min for˚T=30C∆

Maximum Thermal Power(kw)

Chimney Diameter(cm)

Net Weight(kg)

Gas Pipe Diameter(in)


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Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Package

Iran Radiator Gaseous Wall-Mounted Package



Heating Capacity
Combustion Function
two stage
Control panelDetached
Air DamperAutomatic
Fan Motor specifications 3Ф ~ 1.5 KW
Servomotor modelLKS 160
Control Unit
TMG 740
Minimum Gas Pressure (m.Bar)20
Gas Pipe Diameter (in)2"
Dimensions(cm)Burner length81
Flame cover length20
Burner width67.5
Flame cover diameter16.5
Burner component
Fast opening gas solenoid valve 2" ,2 Stage slow opening gas solenoid valve 2", Air and gas pressure switch